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Fans of Hunter and Adam's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Fans of Hunter and Adam

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[30 Aug 2007|10:02am]

this is indeed AFI related, a friend of mine is trying to raise money to buy a new guitar!
please check out these auctions for old AFI shirts from years ago, and NOFX too!

How did you guys get to Irvine?

[02 Nov 2006|07:37pm]

Met Hunter for the first time yesterday. We were taking a picture, and then Adam jumps in the back ground. And then, well, this.

Hopefully this community will come back to life soon.
How did you guys get to Irvine?

[17 Aug 2005|02:30pm]

Hey everyone, I just joined, thought I share my new community with you too! XD

How did you guys get to Irvine?

[24 Jun 2005|10:22pm]

I have a bunch of stuff on auction! A LOOSE CHANGE album, the sts double lp, girls not grey error press and more!

what i have!Collapse )
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AFI Mp3s [09 Apr 2005|10:47pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I have the following AFI mp3s that I'd be willing to send to whomever wants them. These are just the ones not including on the albums and eps (one or two might be on an EP).

MP3s...yay!Collapse )

Just IM me at rdhotjillypepper or email me at rdhotjillypepper@aol.com

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[31 Mar 2005|04:42pm]

Hey guys, I just joined but here are all of the Adam and Hunter icons I've made so far. Comment, credit is nice if you take any:

Mainly AdamCollapse )

Also, if anyone roleplays, Adam and Hunter are wanted at both "_delusional_" and "lipring_rpg"> on greatestjournal.com

♥ Caroline
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[27 Nov 2004|07:33pm]

THREE Hunter Revenge Icons and friends only <3

-If you use one comment & credit please
-no hotlinky please SEE what happens when you hotlink :( haha

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[24 Nov 2004|12:10pm]
GUESS WHOCollapse )
How did you guys get to Irvine?

[20 Oct 2004|11:20am]
dance party plusCollapse )

ps listen to head automatica.
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[13 Oct 2004|02:12pm]

if you don't already have it,
go and get it.
key lime pie @ downloadpunk.com

3 new exlcusive tracks coming in november
check it out.
How did you guys get to Irvine?

LIKE, OH EMM GEE [08 Oct 2004|03:52pm]

Yo. I made this community for Adam. If you don't join, I'll fucking dice you. <3


How did you guys get to Irvine?

[27 Sep 2004|10:48am]

LJcuts promote Obsessive Compulsive Disorder among journalers. Just say no!
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[19 Aug 2004|12:27pm]
x-posted in a adam_and_hunter

a few photosCollapse )
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haha okay everyone, here you go! [19 Aug 2004|09:55am]

[ mood | complacent ]

well we've all been saying it for a while now, this community's moderator appears to have vanished and the community is in a state of crapicide. x_x

SOOOO I made a new one, just like this one, only I'm not going anywhere. ^_^

hop on over to adam_and_hunter and tell everyone you know on the members list to come join! I'm just going to leave this community I think since, well, you can't read anything anyways. lol

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[18 Aug 2004|03:20pm]
Some stills of Hunter and Adam! I don't care if you post them somewhere else just PLEASE don't link them from my account! Upload them to your own <3

there might be doubles.Collapse )

Also I think I know who the mod is.. but if they see this I reeeaallly want to take over this community or at least redo the layout to something really nice.<3

nevermind.. I really don't want to anymore now that there is adam&hunter
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[18 Aug 2004|01:27pm]


ok so we all know that adam and hunter don't get the love they deserve so i've decited to help them out! adam_hunter_luv was made for them! if u love them just as much as u love davey and jade (which you should they are just as impotaint) you should join!! thanks!!

enjoy and join!!


<3 Kaito

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Question? [13 Aug 2004|04:24am]

[ mood | curious ]

Just a question: am I the only person who can't read what I'm writing? I mean, I have to write in this red color in hopes that I can read stuff on the community. I can't read the posts without highlighting, and I'm just wondering if the Moderator could um...do something? :-/ I'm not trying to come off rude here, because that's not my intention. I'm just curious...that's all.


PS: Are we allowed to write fics here? o.0 Don't take me as a person who's only into AFI for fics or anything, because I have a lot of respect for those guys (which might sound weird since I'm asking about writing fics for them) but...I don't know. I like...writing...and I've got an idea for Hunter/Adam story...so yeah. I'm wondering if it'd be okay if I ended up posting it here and if anyone would be offended. o.0 It's totally cool if I can't...I'm just...curious. Yes.</b>

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heeeey you guys! [10 Jul 2004|11:02pm]

I'm new....wooo for me. I've been looking for an Adam community because...well...I have an insane crush on Adam...heh heh. I can't control it. At first...eh...didn't think he was all too cute...THEN I got into his drumming and hecka whoa...hes hot hahah. Sorry. I hate to sound like a fangirl. Argh.

Anyways...has anyone heard about Adam not liking pirates anymore. It was on the jadexcore board that Adam was starting to get over pirates...thought that was weird. The man DOES have tattoos that represent pirates all over his body.

Anyone else a little bit afriad of Hunter? He seems like a grrreat guy but all these pictures that I have seen of him, scare me a tid bit...

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[01 Jul 2004|11:39pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey I just joined. I love Adam and Hunter and I was wondering if anyone had that pic of Adam laying on that guy and they're rolling on that stretcher type thing? That's a huge run on sentence haha. I thought I saw it here,but I looked back and could find it.

Thanks! <3

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heh I don't know how many of you have been to Hunter's website [21 Jun 2004|10:43pm]

[ mood | amused ]

some tard made a post on his board saying all this stupid crap and said he/his project thinger was gay...Hunter's responce:

Re: Please Die
Author: Hunter
Date: 09-28-02 04:32

i'm gay? i'm actually gay? why didn't someone tell me before now? i could have saved so much time and energy. hmmm...what gave it away? was it the lyrics? maybe the hand claps...?

I luff him. <3

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